Military Vehicles Magazine 2021-06 (217)

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In Military Vehicles Magazine June 2021 76 pages Issue 217 :

SAE Prepares for War
The creation of a standardized truck, by Gerald Perschbacher, LL.D.

A Story of Love and Devotion
1943 GPW Restoration is her Jeep, by Nathan C. Thompson

On Administrative Duty
Restoring a military Ford F-1 00 pickup, by Jleff Rowsam

Saving a WWII Rarity
Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go Tank, by John Norris

Military Vehicle Battery· Care
Path to certain starting begins with maintenance, by Steve Turchet

US Army Receives First ISVs
Vehicle is based on Chevrolet's ZR2 midsize truck

Buyer's Guide: M43 Ambulance
Current pricing info on this M37 -based variant

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