Fast Ford - March 2021 (Iss.431)

Category: MAGAZINES / Transport Fast Ford Magazine March 2021

 - PRINT MY FORD Your Blue Oval in full print glory.
 - PROJECT CARS Updates on our own fast Fords.
 - FACTS & FIGURES Know your fast Ford’s vital stats.
 - ALL ABOUT NITROUS We look at famous power-adder,and how it all works.
 - INTERCOOLER TESTS We catch up with Airtec as they test three Fiesta ST ‘coolers.
 - EXHAUSTS TECH We look at the basic principals behind performance exhausts.
 - BUYING GUIDE: FOCUS ST170 Our guide to one of the best Blue Oval buys of the moment.
 - FOCUS RS Tiger-stripes and 400bhp means this Mk3 has both power and style.
 - MK3 ESCORT All the thrills of a Series One without the inflated RS costs.
 - ESCORT COSWORTH Proper road-sport EsCos with all the right upgrades in the right places.
 - MALCOLM WILSON We look at the amazing rallying career of M-Sport’s founder.
 - FIESTA ST Big turbo, radically-upgraded,300bhp modern Mk8 Fiesta.
 - WALLET FRIENDLY UPGRADES Our top 20 mods and upgrades that offer big gains for small change.
 - TRANSIT CONNECT RS MS-RT Transit Connect complete with Mk3 RS 2.3-litre engine swap.


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